About Linda

Homeopathic Training



Linda is a Homeopath and is a registered member of the Canadian Society of Homeopaths. She studied with the British Institute of Homeopathy and completed their Practitioner Program - a 4 year program.

Completed Homeopathy by the Book Post Graduate with Dr. Joe Kellerstein (2006 - 2008).  

She will ask you to bring your life medical history and specific sensations related to the reason for your visit.  

Sacred Circle Dance



Linda has taught Sacred Circle Dance since 1986, internationally, and across Canada spending many years in Calgary and has taught at Calgary Leisure Learning, University of Calgary, Earth Healing Ceremonies, Sacred Space Theatre, Earth Day Ceremonies, Community Solstice and Equinox celebrations to mention a few. In Winnipeg Beach she has taught for 8 years and been a part of SCAPE celebrations such as Wassail, Beach fest, and holds classes every second Sunday during Summer in Matlock and Winnipeg Beach.   During winter months we have classes in Winnipeg.

Testimonials for Dance



"Dance with Linda is like dancing with the elves. She has magic feet and helps me remember these dances from millenniums ago." 

"The dance allows me to experience the grace within my body. I feel connected to my center aligned with spirit. I feel the natural flow of life within me and I know I am alive."


"The Goddess energy reveals itself and I am aware of my presence. After a while I am aware of my deepest feminine and I feel sacred."


"Circle dance connected the inner knowing of my body with the ancient wisdom of dance."

Bach Flower Practitioner


 Linda is a Registered Bach Flower Practitioner (2003) and a current registered practitioner of the Bach Flower Centre in Britain. She has found the magical powers of these special 38 flower and tree essences and have an uncanny ability to prescribe very precise combinations .

Usui and Karuna Reiki Master



Linda has used Reiki since 1988 and is an Usui Reiku Master (1995) and Karuna Reiki Master (1997) currently teaching and giving sessions. She received Reiki I from Inga Saxena of Edmonton, Canada. Received Reiki II, IIIa and Master from Mary Balfour of Toronto, Canada and Karuna from Laura Ellen Gifford of Kentucky, USA. 




Linda has spent the last 40 years on her personal healing path through the use of homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs, supplements, meditation, dance, Reiki and mind-body work. 

Linda comes from a sacred place in her healing practice, totally respecting all diversities in life. She has a vaast range of healing experience, right from birth, never adapted anything mainstream. 

She now embraces Chair Sage Yoga, Kundalini practices and Sadhanas, Chanting with Kirtan, just to name a few.  Sacred Circle Dance is a big part of her spiritual practice.




John Black United Church

898 Henderson Hwy

Winnipeg, MB



We do fast dances, meditative dances, folk dances, all are welcome



This camp happens late February usually...