Usui/ Karuna Reiki Master

The word Reiki is derived from two Japanese kanji, "Rei" and "Ki".  Ki refers to energy that is present in all things, animate and inanimate.  It is the energy that flows through the human body to keep it functioning, it is the energy in food that gives us nourishment and sustenance, and it is the energy in a solid object that holds the various atoms and molecules together to form that recognizable "solid".  Energy referred to in Ki has a much broader perspective than the word "energy"  traditionally referred to in Western culture.  Ki or Chi as the Chinese call it, is in everything. 

Although usually invisible to the untrained naked eye, its force is ever present and powerful.  It has been likened to the wind.  The wind itself cannot be seen, yet its power and effect are obvious as it makes waves on the long grass of the meadow. 

"Rei" refers to the unlimited, all knowing, all loving energy that is the creator of life itself.  Western culture has named it the Universe, Holy Spirit, Light, God, Great Spirit, Lord, Creator. 

Reiki then, is the energy of the Universe, of God.  It is the energy that creates, that grows, that heals, that loves.  Since it is directly from God, it brings only that which is for the Highest Good:  Love, Light, Growth, Healing and Wisdom.  It sometimes works in mysterious ways:  It does what it has to for the benefit of each person, even if it is not what was hoped for. 

Trust in the Universe that it always brings what is appropriate for the highest good.  Reiki can never do any harm.  It only works toward the growth and development of the soul purpose of each individual.  Reiki is often described as Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy.  A person who can do Reiki, channels this energy for the betterment of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Reiki Sessions are done fully clothed, are extremely relaxing and healing.  Try one instead of your weekly massage. 

What you can expect from a Reiki session.

..Relieves stress & pain
..Relaxes muscle spasms
..Releases emotional blockages
..Accelerates natural healing
..Stimulates the immune system
..Balances subtle body energies
..Is effective on chronic and acute illness or injury
..Is a means of sharing love
..Is completely safe and benign
..Protects the practitioner
..Is Universal Life Force 

The only way to know it "is to feel it"

Usui Reiki


First Degree Reiki - Reiki I
The first level of Reiki is the actual "laying on of hands". The healer places their hands on the healee and channels Reiki. The healer receives this ability in the sacred initiation ceremony given by the Reiki Master. The healer learns the history of Reiki, benefits of Reiki, receives the attunement, learns the hand positions for healing themselves and others, learns to do a short treatment as well as chakra balancing. There is also a practice session.

Second Degree Reiki or Reiki II
The next step is receiving the attunement and learning three sacred symbols used to increase the power of Reiki; focus on mental/emotional issues; and send Reiki long distance.

Advanced Reiki or Reiki III
The student is given another powerful sacred symbol leading to an even greater connection with the Universe. They also learn how to set up a Reiki Grid, meet their Reiki guide and how to do a type of psychic surgery.

Reiki Master or Reiki III
Two more symbols are learned and the student is given the key to the sacred initiation ceremony. Once a student is initiated into Reiki III, they have the power to initiate others into all levels of Reiki. This is a great honour and responsibility. Reiki Masters usually dedicate their lives to Reiki. 

Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki One
The student must have Advanced or Reiki IIIa or higher.  You will learn four new symbols that deal with healing on a cellular level, past life issues, child abuse, unconscious patterns, Shadow Self, sexual and physical abuse issues, psychic and psychological attack, relationships, developing good habits, healing addictions, chakras, manifest material goals among other issues.

Karuna Reiki Two
Four more symbols connect higher and lower self, improve learning ability, communication, grounding, create priorities, reclaim power, heal codependence, empower your goals, heal insomnia, fear and panic, among other issues.

Karuna Reiki Master
Student must be Usui Reiki Master. You learn one further symbol and learn to do attunements and initiate others

Future Training Dates

Stay tuned for classes


Winnipeg Beach, Ponemah, MB


Do clients wear clothing?  Yes

How long are sessions?  1-1.5 hour

What does it feel like?  At very least, a relaxation meditative session.